Athens and the Pelopennese

April 2011



Bourtzi fortress Nafplio

Nafplio sunset

Lion gate Mycenae

The Mycenae fought the Trojan wars 12th century bc


face of Agamemnon on hill,

face of a tourist in front.

Mycenae tomb

Mask of Agamemnon

Palimidi fortress view

Palimidi view of Nafplio


Epidavros theatre

Syntagma Sq Nafplio

Venetian arsenal Nafplio

Morning Athens

Greek Parlament , Syntagma Sq.

Evzone Guard

Acropolis nightview

Theatre of Herodes

Acropolis view

Mars hill in the centre. St Paul preached from here .


Arch of Hadrian 135ad

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Greek Agora

Greek Agora temple of Haphaestus

Athens Museum Bronze of Zeus


The Antikythera Ephebe

Hadrians library

Roman forum

Tower of the four winds

Sunset over Roman forum

Plaka district