Florence 2009


Florence from Palazzo Michaelangelo

The river Arno

Florence view

Ponte Vecchio

PV close up,note Medici private walkway above bridge

Brunellesci's dome & Giotto's bell tower

Medici palace

ultra arno wall

Palazzo Michaelangelo bronze David

Someone blocking the Duomo

Ponte Vecchio view


Florence view

Ponte Vecchio from Uffizi

Bargello courtyard

Gallileo tomb in Sante Croce

Michaelangelo tomb in Sante Croce

Sante Croce

Sante Croce,many popes are buried here

Sante Croce front

Arno view

Santa Maria Novella

Piazza della signoria, Michaelangelo's David

Piazza della signoria Florence

Florence Duomo

Giotto's campanile Florence

Piazze des miracole from my hotel roof

large monument and beautifull buildings in the background

Pisa Duomo

Pisa Baptistry

Inside Duomo

Relic in the Duomo

chandelier, Galilleo worked out pendulum motion from this

leaning tower

Pisa arno