Jersey September 2010




La Mare bay

La Mare at dusk

Elizabeth Castle

Elizabeth Castle

Named after Elizabeth first by Sir Walter Raleigh govenor of Jersey

Elizabeth Castle

St Heliers hermitage

He was beheaded here in 555ad

German 'improvements'

St Helier view from castle


Gun captain demo

It was really loud!

Main entrance from causeway

German underground hospital

Gorey harbour

Mont Orgueil ,Gorey

Durrell Conservation project.

Lowland Gorilla

Durrell is famous for its apes

Alpha male

Looks like me watching TV in the evening

Orang Utan

Which translates as 'old man of the woods'

the Lemurs were having a singing battle in the treetops

Gorey from Mont Orgueil

bay of Grouville from the castle

Anne Port

Was raining a bit

St Ouen's bay

Jerseys Longest beach,(5 miles, most of it is behind me)

German pillbox

Part of Rommell's Atlantic wall

Corbiere lighthouse and more German defences


Corbiere and the Geurnsey ferry

Elizabeth Castle from St Helier

Jersey airshow


SAAB Lansen and Morane Sauliner MS760

Guess which is which!

Avro Andover

P51 Mustang and Messerschmit 109



Patrouille de France

Alpha jets


Sky raider

BBMF spit ,Lanc & Hurricane

RAF Tutor

Jet Man, he was ace!

F86 Sabre

Vulcan 558

Best of British

The Red Arrows

Did a rolling display because of low clouds

Still a very good display

St Brelades bay

St Brelades

St Brelades

St Brelades

Liberation Square ,St Helier

St Helier market

St Helier square

milton keynes?

Corbiere from the sea

Eric Idle cruises

Fort St Aubin,with Lizzie castle in background

St Aubin marina

St Helier sunset