ROME May 2010



Victor Emanuelle monument

Campdoglio (city hall)


Romulus and Remus statue

Sunset on the Tiber

Pyramid of Gaius Cestius (approx 30 AD)

Ostia Antica ( Rome's port town)

Ostia Antica ( Rome's port town)

Tavern in Ostia (more beer!)

Public toilets Ostia (occupied!)

Flavian amphetheatre

Forum view from Palatine hill

Via sacre (sacred way) Roman Forum

Nothing funny happened to me on my way to the forum

Sacred flame at tomb of unkown soldier

Baths of Diacletian

Castel st Angelo

Ponte St Angelo

Vatican museum egyptian stuff stolen by Augustus

Swiss Guard (thanks Michealangelo)

My favourite Roman bulding, the Pantheon, built by Hadrian.

A coin in the fontana de Trevi

Piazza Navona best gelato around.

View of Vatican from Victor Emanuelle monument

Forum view from tabliarium

Spanish steps ( I got the lift up!)

Spanish steps fountain

are there any Romans here today?